Upward Basketball programs introduce young athletes to the game at an early age and quickly enable them to build their skills, speed, strength, and stamina. Our vision is to see our Upward Basketball players develop mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially, into athletes who excel both on and off the court. Our league offers a full season of practices and games, with rules and game structures in place to maximize opportunities that each player has with the ball.

  • Upward Basketball program occurs in the Winter of each year.
  • Eligible basketball players are boys & girls, Grade 1 through Grade 6.
  • Basketball Season consists of 9 weeks of practice and 7 games.
  • Teams are assigned a weekly practice night. Practices are one hour long and always occur on the same night of the week.
  • Games, too, are just a one hour commitment and occur on Saturdays. Game times may vary from week to week.
  • For more information about Upward Basketball please visit